Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We Need Your Support to Make Feet to the Fire a Success!

Dear Friend,

With new leadership and control in Congress, an open-borders mentality at the White House, and multi-million-dollar global interests in full force, a hard push to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens is underway in Washington.
YES! I want to support Feet to the Fire

Amnesty is fundamentally unsound, unfair, and in the end leaves our immigration crisis unresolved. It is the easiest -- and worst -- decision a misguided Congress could make. We must not let Congress take the politically expedient route this spring by introducing Amnesty as a substitute for what we all agree needs to be done - enforcing the law.

With your support, we can block efforts to legalize millions of illegal aliens. Activists will also mount an effort to stop the pending North American Union - a real threat to American soverignity.

It promises to be a difficult battle. One we can surely win. But it's going to take the most vigorous and sustained mobilization we have ever conducted.

FAIR has already begun just such a mobilization.

From April 21st- 25th FAIR will host its annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire Radio Rally in Washington, DC. Dozens of radio talk hosts from across the country will broadcast live from Capitol Hill with a unified voice against illegal alien amnesty.

In addition, the radio hosts will be inviting their listeners to join them for a week of congressional visits. All 535 members of the House and Senate are slated to receive visits from constituents who will demand that their elected officials reject any legislation that includes a guest worker amnesty.

This event has proven highly successful in the past and was instrumental in the passage of REAL ID Act in 2005. This year, the event is larger and more important than ever and as such, our needs to effectively organize and accommodate those attending are higher.

Your support of this landmark grassroots event is absolutely vital.

The demand from broadcasters who want to participate is so high that spaces for Radio Row are already booked solid. Your donation today will enable us to provide more spaces for talk show hosts from around the country to come to Washington D.C. and broadcast at this historic event. Your support will will also allow us to help more activists come to D.C. $1,000 will let you pay for one Radio Host to come to D.C., bringing the immigration reform message to tens or hundreds of thousands of listeners. Every gift counts - there are many reform activities planned that week and your support will make this event a success.

There is an old expression that if you want to get politicians to see the light, make them feel the heat. Radio talk hosts know that, and their collective efforts during the Hold Their Feet to The Fire Rally will most certainly make the Washington crowd sweat.

With your support they will feel The HEAT!

YES! I want to support Feet to the Fire
Dan Stein President