Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New York TimesDebate raging, Mexico adds to consulates in U.S.On the surface, there was nothing extraordinary about a certain government office in Little Rock, Ark., the other day as paperwork was signed, names were called, fees were paid, waits were endured and computer keyboards went tap, tap, tap. -- Just the workaday humdrum of official government business - the government of Mexico...

O'Reilly Factor with Michelle Malkin -- May 21Gingrich: This bill is a disaster. It is a failure. It should be defeated. It should cease to exist. The Senate ought to go back to regular business. They ought to try to produce an immigration bill through the regular committee process out in the open where people can look at it, amend it, refine it, criticize it. But this particular deal is as big a disaster that any Republican has had in my lifetime, and I predict, if in fact it gets through the Senate, it will be a disaster for every Republican Senator and a lot of Democratic Senators because I think the anger is bipartisan. Taxpaying Americans do not want to be told that international gang members are going to be amnestied. Watch

Senate Bill 1348 Masquerades as "Real Immigration Reform" But Surrenders Public Interest For Politics!
S. 1348 Provisions
Immediate legal status and citizen benefits for 12+ million illegal aliens (Z-visas);
Admission of 400,000 additional "guest workers" plus dependents every year;
Grants amnesty to those who have broken the law, dramatically increases worker visas, and otherwise imposes impossible administration burdens on a currently dysfunctional system;
What S. 1348 Doesn't Have
Tougher penalties and enforcement requirements employer hiring illegal workers;
Clear and affordable enhanced border security measures;
What the proposed measures will cost and how they will be implemented and monitored over time;
Read FAIR's full analysis of the Z visa - a new visa in S. 1348 just for illegal aliens (PDF).
"In agreeing to this bill, the United States Senate has broken every promise that has been made to the American people," declared Dan Stein, president of FAIR.
S1348, a bill hastily developed behind closed doors, bypassed all normal processes for bill review and passage . . . in favor of pushing it through fast. The 2007 version of "immigration reform" contains the identical set of broken promises to secure the borders and enact penalties for employers who hire illegal aliens that we've heard countless times over the past 20 years.
I will support FAIR's efforts to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to oppose S. 1348 and all amnesty legislation and to support strong enforcement legislation to protect America by:
Making a special and urgently needed contribution now to support FAIR's efforts to stop passage of S1348 and all amnesty legislation and
Contacting my senators to let them know I oppose this legislation.

Watch Dan's Latest Media Appearance on CNBC, May 18th
"The bill reneges on promises that amnesty would never again be offered to people who are in this country illegally; it violates commitments that Congress has made to protect the interests of American workers; and it compromises the security of this nation by granting legal status to people who may pose a threat to the nation.
Adding to the betrayal, this surrender of the public interest was negotiated by senators who had personally pledged, as recently as last year, never to agree to any bill that includes amnesty." -- FAIR President Dan Stein.
"S.1348 Security and Enforcement Provisions are Less Than Meaningless" -- Dan Stein.
The bill if passed will likely run in the tens of BILLIONS to implement over the next several years, but Congress has provided no cost estimate and no impact studies. In fact the ill-conceived terms of this amnesty will impact every town, city and state in this country and will be taxpayer funded.
"The security and enforcement provisions are less than meaningless. They will either not be funded, endlessly delayed, or ignored all together," FAIR president Dan Stein declared last week. "While tens of millions of illegal aliens will reap rewards and enjoy access to the courts to appeal any denial of benefits, the American public gets shafted with no avenue for appeal."
FAIR is calling upon the Senate to delay voting on S. 1348 until the bill receives a full public hearing, and until a thorough study of its impact is completed. "This is a bill that will quite literally affect the future of this nation. Its ramifications deserve more than a weekend's review on the part of the people who will vote on it," said Stein. "We call for the defeat of this bill."
I'm showing my support of FAIR to represent my opposition to any and all amnesty proposals with my contribution!
Thank you!
P.S. you can also mail your tax-deductible contribution to FAIR at 1666 Connecticut Ave. NW #400 Washington DC 20009

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rich Lowry -- Salt Lake Tribune -- May 18, 2007The Senate's rotten immigration deal The U.S. has now constructed .286 percent of the 700 miles of fencing on the southern border provided for in 2006's Secure Fence Act. That is sufficient for a bipartisan group of senators to want to effectively declare this brief national experiment with immigration enforcement effectively over. Enough with the harsh exclusionary measures! Two miles of fencing out of 700 passed by Congress on a border stretching 1,952 miles is a milestone that should mark our departure to the next phase of immigration policy - a sweeping amnesty of illegals and an increase in legal immigration.
Watch Lou Dobbs Tonight ClipsCNN -- May 18, 2007Amnesty / Mex. Drugs / Verify / OpinionTranscript

Call Congress Now - Senate Compromise Nothing But An Amnesty
Yesterday, Senators Ted Kennedy (D-MA), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Mel Martinez (R-FL), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Johnny Isakson (R-GA), Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), Ken Salazar (D-CO), Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), Jon Kyl (R-AZ), and others announced that Senate negotiators had reached a "compromise" on immigration reform. At the press conference, Senate negotiators lauded the compromise, particularly for its bipartisan nature. "This is the best possible chance in years we will have to secure our borders, bring millions of people out of the shadows and into the sunshine of America," declared Senator Kennedy. Senator Specter insisted that in putting together the deal, the negotiators had required that illegal aliens earn their "right" to citizenship. "It is not amnesty," he said.
However, the details of this Senate compromise prove that it is nothing more than an amnesty. The language creates a "Z" visa program for illegal aliens and illegal aliens only. Specifically, the Senate deal:
Provides that Z visas last for 4 years and may be renewed indefinitely.
Waives numerous criminal provisions for eligibility purposes and no medical exam is needed up front.
Requires state and local governments are required to assist illegal aliens in providing documentation to support a Z visa application as a condition of receiving state impact assistance money.
Immediately grants probationary benefits (including work authorization, protection from removal, and a social security number) based only on an application and a 24-hour wait on a background check. Probationary benefits are not affected by the "trigger" in Title I of the bill.
Provides that any knowledge of English is required only upon the first renewal of a Z visa (i.e. after four years).
Allows Z aliens to apply for green cards and become citizens. While they must wait until some existing applications are processed, they are not required to wait in line behind those who have applied for green cards after May 1, 2005. Moreover, they get to live and work in the U.S. while they wait.
Provides that green card applications (for heads of households) must be filed in person outside the U.S. but not necessarily in the alien's country of origin. The alien can then re-enter under a Z nonimmigrant visa because it serves as a valid travel document.
Requires certain fees and a penalties. To become a Z nonimmigrant (head of household only) must pay a $1,000 penalty. To become a legal permanent resident (i.e. obtain a green card), a head of household must pay a $4,000 penalty.
Congressman Brian Bilbray (R-CA), Chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus, reacted swiftly to the announcement of a Senate deal:
"The 'compromise' announced today by Senator Kennedy will reward 12 million illegal immigrants with a path to citizenship - what part of illegal does the Senate not understand? Any plan that rewards illegal behavior is amnesty. You would think that the Senate would have learned their lesson after the 1986 amnesty debacle, but it looks like their idea of a 'compromise' is to repeat the failed policies of the past."
Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) had similar words regarding the "compromise":
"Senator McCain and his allies seem to think that they can dupe the American public into accepting a blanket amnesty if they just call it 'comprehensive' or 'earned legalization' or 'regularization.' Unfortunately for them, however, the American people know amnesty when they see it."
Now its time for you to react! ON MONDAY NIGHT, the Senate will vote on whether to proceed with S.1348 (last year's guest worker amnesty bill). If this motion to proceed passes, the Senate will strip the language of S.1348 and replace it with the Senate "compromise" language. The new language, created entirely in secret, back-room negotiations, will then be debated and voted on.
Call your Senators and urge them to stop this amnesty in its tracks! Urge them to vote NO on the motion to proceed and NO on the Senate Amnesty Compromise!!!
To find the phone numbers of your Senators, click here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- May 14Border Remains Wide OpenDana Bash, CNN: Well, Lou, within the next 48 hours or so, we could know whether or not comprehensive immigration reform, one of George Bush's top priorities, has any chance of becoming law during his presidency...Dobbs: ....Why in the world would this Congress, irrespective of whether it's Republican or Democratic leadership, not simply say we're going to secure first those borders and ports and move to control of immigration, and then deal with this issue? Bash: Well, if you talk to some of the senators, the Republican who agree with you on that issue, like Senator Jon Kyl...says you can have this path to citizenship, but we want to make sure to require that the homeland security secretary makes sure -- to certify,... that there are various steps to secure the border before that can even start. Watch Amnesty 1 / 2 / Aguilar / Farmer's BranchTranscript Contact Your Senator

Saturday, May 12, 2007

American PatrolA Mexican Cultural Trait? David Aguilar is a liar. He lied when he said the Secure Fence Act of 2006 didn't mandate the construction of a fence. Chertoff himself said it does. Now Aguilar is saying "Operational control" of the border will be achieved by 2012. The Secure Fence Act clearly says it must be achieved by 2008. Does Aguilar think he can veto a bill passed by 67% of the House and 81% of the Senate? This is the same guy who told Roger Barnett that the illegal aliens invading his ranch were campers. Little wonder why the rank and file of the Border Patrol voted no confidence in this sad excuse for a human being. Lying may be part of Aguilar's culture, but we shouldn't celebrate it.

Monday, May 7, 2007

This Week -- ABC News -- May 6Stephanapoulos: Is the issue central enough to really be the force behind a presidential campaign. Tancredo: I don't know. How can I say for sure? All I can tell you is how strongly I feel about it. I happen to believe it is one of the most important domestic policy issues we can deal with. It touches so many parts of our lives. If you want to talk about education, we certainly can - the impact of illegal immigration on our schools. If we want to talk about health care we certainly can - and the impact of illegal immigration on our medical system. Eighty-six hospitals closing in Southern California in the last few years because of the impact of illegal immigration... Watch

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Associated PressLocal immigration laws bring high costsFarmers Branch, Texas -- Cities across the U.S. are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars defending themselves against lawsuits and other challenges to ordinances enacted to keep out illegal [aliens... criminals]. -- Some are warning that these communities are risking financial disaster in their effort to curb illegal immigration.

Salt Lake TribuneJunior High students walk out to protest immigration policiesAbout 100 Utah junior high students reportedly walked out of class today in protest of U.S. immigration policies. -- KSL News reports that pupils three schools walked out and headed toward Pioneer Park. They were carrying Mexican and American flags.

Sacramento BeeFamilies kept apart...Most Americans take it for granted that if a foreigner marries a U.S. citizen, that person will likely be welcomed with legal residency. This hasn't been true since 2001, when federal statutes adopted in 1996 began kicking in. -- Now, if a U.S. citizen or legal resident wants to sponsor a spouse or other close relative...

Washington PostU.S. targeting illegal alien abscondersAt 2:10 a.m., a fleet of dark SUVs surged from the garage beneath a federal building onto the deserted streets of Fairfax County, carrying a raiding party of flak- jacketed immigration agents. -- Their quarry: illegal [aliens... criminals] who have ignored and evaded deportation orders. Called "fugitive aliens" or "alien absconders," they have nearly doubled...
'The Boot'

Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) PressRep. says cops should have authority to boot invadersLocal police should be able to begin deporting [illegal aliens... criminals] in the county illegally, U.S. Rep. Bill Sali said in Coeur d'Alene on Friday. -- The Idaho Republican said during an interview at The Press offices that President Bush's plan to deal with those who sneak across the border is flawed.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Guest Worker Amnesty Legislation To Land On the Senate Floor Within Two Weeks! Call Your Senators and Urge Them to Say NO!

Sources all over Capitol Hill are buzzing with information that guest worker amnesty legislation will be on Senate floor the week of May 14, 2007! The exact details of the bill -- negotiated entirely behind closed doors -- are known only to a few select staff members, but Senate staff has told FAIR that it will likely be a version of the White House plan or the Flake-Gutierrez bill. Congress Daily is similarly reporting that the Senate immigration bill will probably include a "Z visa" that will allow illegal aliens to stay and work in the United States-a provision taken directly from the White House proposal.

Not only are all of these negotiations going on behind closed doors, but the resulting product of those negotiations won't even be introduced as formal legislation. Congress Daily is now reporting that to get this massive guest worker amnesty plan passed, Senate leaders are planning to go to the Senate floor, amend the language onto an existing bill and then vote on it. By not introducing a formal bill and taking the debate straight to the floor, it is clear that Senate leaders are attempting to bypass the Committee review process and fast-track amnesty legislation through Congress with as little debate as possible. We need your help to stop it!!

It is IMPERATIVE that you call your Senators' offices today and urge them to oppose ANY guest worker amnesty legislation!

The debate is quickly coming to a head, and without pressure from hard working Americans, illegal alien amnesty may be passed by Congress within weeks.


To find your Senators' phone numbers, click here.

To Protect and Serve

By Bill O'Reilly for BillOReilly.comThursday, May 3, 2007

Well, Virginia Beach folded. In the face of growing anger from its citizenry, the city announced it will stop its "sanctuary" policy of failing to inform federal authorities about criminal illegal aliens.

The back story here is brutal. On March 30, 17-year-old Alison Kunhardt and 16-year-old Tessa Tranchant were killed when illegal alien Alfredo Ramos slammed into their car. Ramos was drunk and had four previous beefs with the law, including a DUI conviction.

Yet, Virginia Beach Chief of Police Jake Jacocks told the press he had ordered his officers not to call Homeland Security Agents (ICE) about any "low-level" offenders because he, Jacocks, didn't believe it was his job to help the feds.


It seems to me that every law enforcement officer should want as few criminals in town as possible. Since Ramos was here in the USA illegally, and was a consistent lawbreaker in Virginia Beach, the feds could have easily removed him from the area and sent him back to Mexico. Apparently, Jacocks had a problem with that.

But not any longer, at least in public. After my reporting battered the government of Virginia Beach, it has changed its dangerous and irresponsible policy. But Jacocks got in a last shot calling me, your humble correspondent, "pathetic."

But that was an improvement over what Denver Post columnist Joanne Ostrow called me after she saw my coverage of the Virginia Beach story. Ms. Ostrow called me "racist."

So why all the anger? Doesn't it make sense that any person who is in the country illegally in the first place be deported when convicted of committing a crime on American soil? I can't read minds, but there is something very strange going on inside the "pro-immigration" movement.

When President Ronald Reagan delivered citizenship to almost three million illegal aliens in 1986 through his "amnesty" program, the entire problem of people coming to America without proper credentials was supposed to have been solved. At the time, the Atlanta Journal editorialized that "it will help stem the tide of future illegal entrants."

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post all rhapsodized that Reagan's vision would be great for America.

So now we have four times as many illegal aliens waiting for another amnesty, with more coming every hour of the day.

With emotions running high, the federal government, never a tower of courage, does not seem able to fix the chaos. Most Americans understand that the vast majority of illegal immigrants simply want a better life and will work hard to get it. So I ask you, who wants to deny anyone a better life?

But by failing to institute standards of behavior in the immigration arena, the U.S. government puts us all at risk. There's no way on this earth that a four-time loser, in this country illegally, should have been driving around drunk. Didn't Allison and Tessa deserve to live? We have millions of Americans who drive around smashed--do we need to add to that number with insane "sanctuary" policies that protect criminal illegal aliens?

The power brokers in Virginia Beach were forced to do the right thing, but still don't believe they were ever wrong. How did things get so out of whack in America?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

CNN Newsroom -- May 1 Lou Dobbs: You have up on the title there, Immigration Nation, right? The fact of the matter is, I don't know what that means. Immigration nation. First we are a nation of laws. We're built on immigrants, but lawful immigrants. Ed Lavandera ... went on to refer to illegal aliens as immigrants, as if there is no distinction in our reporting as mainstream media between legal, lawful immigrants and illegal aliens... Mainstream media taking on what is effectively an agenda. Watch