Friday, March 2, 2007

Senate Judiciary Hearing on Immigration -- February 28Sen. Feingold: A 2005 Cato Institute study...found that the probability of stopping an undocumented immigration has fallen in the past two decades from 33% to 5%...Sec. Chertoff: I'm not in a position to associate myself with that study ...There is no question in many parts of the border the most cost-effective and most efficient way to to detect and intercept illegal migrants is high-tech - things like radar. (read: I don't know how they get through, but I do know how to stop them.)Sen. Feingold: I'm encouraged to hear that. Would you specifically say in many border areas those types of technologies will be both more effective and less expensive than building hundreds of miles of fencing which is estimated to cost $3 to $5 million per mile?Sec. Chertoff: I would agree with that... Watch this exchange (Broadband) Watch most of hearing (Dial-up)