Tuesday, March 20, 2007

CNN Lou Dobbs - video:Plaintiffs Say During Hazelton Trial: There's Nothing "Illegal" About Illegal Immigrants, Since There's No Definition in Law The trial against Hazleton, Pennsylvania, is now in its second week. The plaintiffs' attorneys spent most of the day in court trying to deliberately blur that distinction between illegals, saying you can't quite say that. Attorney Witold Walczak said: "It is simplistic and wrong to say illegal is illegal. And Hazleton has really made a pretty fundamental mistake in relying on that kind of premise here." The plaintiffs also pointed out in court, there is no definition for what constitutes an illegal immigrant or illegal alien in federal law. And they tried to make the point that the law also doesn't define what unlawful presence in the country means. Under this logic, there is no point in having laws, let alone enforcing them.