Thursday, March 8, 2007

Act Now to Prevent Special Interests from Dictating U.S. Immigration Policy!!!

Hot on the heels of last week's Senate Judiciary hearing on "comprehensive immigration reform," rumors are swirling that guest worker amnesty legislation is due at any moment—legislation that would reward illegal aliens and allow for a continuous flow of guest workers to take American jobs and depress wages. Drafted by special interests groups and big business, this legislation ignores the views of the most important stakeholders…the American people!

Negotiating Behind the Scenes

According to CongressDaily, a key staffer for Senator Kennedy (D-MA) divulged that the chief sponsors of the guest worker amnesty bill authored by the Senator are hoping to introduce the legislation this week. Other staffers have suggested that such a mammoth bill could not be ready that soon. Either way, Senate leaders have indicated that they intend to have committee hearings on the legislation this spring and then have the bill on the floor by summer.

In the House, Congressmen Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) are in the process of drafting companion legislation. A variety of sources say that there may be more resistance to guest worker amnesty legislation in the House and that some Democrats may not jump on the amnesty bandwagon, causing concern among House Leadership. In fact, according to Congressional Quarterly, Speaker Nancy Pelosi's strategy is to "let the Senate take up the bill first so that it can build momentum."

Senators meanwhile are urging President Bush to get involved early in the legislative process to help push through the guest worker amnesty bill. Roll Call reports that there have been intense negotiations between Senators and White House officials to hammer out a legislative proposal that can garner enough votes to pass.

NOW is the time to let your Representatives and Senators know how you feel!

Your representatives and the Bush Administration are at this moment deciding what will be in the bill and strategizing how best to fast-track it through Congress. You must throw up a roadblock! You must let them know that you will not tolerate Congress taking the easy way out of our illegal immigration crisis by passing guest worker amnesty legislation.

Your calls make a difference! Please call your Senators and Congressmen TODAY and urge them to oppose all guest worker amnesty legislation—whatever name they give it. Tell them:

You oppose guest worker programs that displace American workers and depress wages;
You oppose rewarding illegal immigration with a path to citizenship;
Rewarding illegal immigration will only lead to more illegal immigration; and
Granting amnesty is inherently unfair to those who play by the rules, apply through legal channels, and patiently wait in line to come to the United States.

It is imperative that action be taken NOW to stop this bill dead in its tracks!!

To find the numbers of your Representatives and Senators, click here.