Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Battle Moves to the House of Representatives:"Comprehensive Immigration Reform" to be Introduced Tomorrow!

Yesterday, Congressmen Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) held a conference call with reporters in which they announced their intention to introduce a "comprehensive immigration reform" bill on Thursday. There were few substantive details released at that time, but sources tell us that at the very least, the bill will contain some sort of amnesty provision for illegal aliens currently in the United States.
This morning, CongressDaily reports that Congressmen Flake and Gutierrez, who had been participating in negotiations with Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA) about the components of a new immigration bill, have now decided to let the Senate move on its own track and forge ahead with their legislation in the House. One aide to Flake is quoted as saying, "The House has not had a chance to consider a comprehensive immigration bill."
Observers note that there has been discord in the Senate as Members have had difficulty pleasing both the demands of labor and big business. Nevertheless, Senator Kennedy issued a statement applauding the introduction of "comprehensive immigration reform" legislation in the House. The statement said, "While we're still negotiating in the Senate, I'm optimistic that we will have legislation soon."
Please call your Representatives TODAY and urge them to reject guest worker amnesty legislation. Tell them:
You oppose guest worker programs that displace American workers and depress wages;
You oppose rewarding illegal immigration with a path to citizenship;
Rewarding illegal immigration will only lead to more illegal immigration; and
Granting amnesty is inherently unfair to those who play by the rules, apply through legal channels, and patiently wait in line to come to the United States.
To find the phone number for your Representative, click here.
Your voices do make a difference!!! Yesterday, the New York Times reported that candidates campaigning in Iowa are hearing non-stop from voters who are upset at the prospect Congress will pass guest worker amnesty legislation. The paper writes: "The issue has become much more complicated as the presidential campaign has gotten under way, exposing the Republicans in particular to voters who are angry about what they see as porous borders, growing demands from immigrants on the social welfare and education systems and job losses that they link at least in part to a low-wage labor force coming over the border." To read the entire article, click here.
In addition, PLEASE take time out of your busy schedules to attend town hall meetings! Go with your family, friends and neighbors to let your Representatives and Senators know how you feel. While you may not immediately see how persuasive you are, FAIR hears stories from Congressional staffers all the time about how immigration is one of the most important issues at district events. Members want to hear from their voters, and if you do not voice your opinion, the voices of special interests will prevail!
Stay tuned for more updates from FAIR….