Monday, March 5, 2007

Co-Conspirators:1. Peter Schey: Opened schools to illegal aliens, killed Proposition 187;2. Morris Dees: Tries to destroy patriots who fight to defend their country;3. Robert Bach: Established defacto amnesty;4. Doris Meissner: Emasculated the INS - now calls for open border with Mexico.5. Mario Obledo: Turning California into a Hispanic state;6. Jacques Medina: His Proposition UNO has pushed for amnesty for decades;7. Antonio Villaraigosa: Turning Los Angeles over to Mexico:8. Ford Foundation: Created and financed major Reconquista organizations;9. Los Angeles Times: Lies about impact of invasion, suppresses the truth; and10. Government of Mexico:Encouraged citizens to invade, subverts our laws.
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