Saturday, December 23, 2006

USA destruction underway

12/22/2006 1:49:46 PM

HR2672 and S853 have been in committee ever since they were introduced early in 2005. That has kept the rest of Congress in the dark about the enormity and nature of the President’s plans for the Security and Prosperity Partnership. US citizens must get these bills released from committee and brought to the floor for a vote. That is the only way to get the members of Congress who remain unaware of their content to read the bills, recognize what the President has been doing behind their backs and end the President’s unilateral selling out of this country via his deceptive rubrics of “free trade” and “security.” Congress must weigh in.

HR 2672, entitled the “North American Cooperative Security Act,” was introduced by Ms. Kathryn Harris, Mr. Steve Pearce and Mr. Christopher Shays on May 26, 2005. Since then, the bill has languished in the House Subcommittee on Intelligence, Information Sharing and Terrorism Risk Assessment. S853, entitled the “North American Cooperative Security Act,” was introduced in the Senate by Senator Richard Lugar on April 20, 2005. It never emerged from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Under the Trade Act of 2002 – Sec. 2103, Trade Agreements Authority, the President would be required to inform Congress of his planned changes to US trade with Mexico and Canada and Congress would be required to vote up or down on the set of planned changes. The US Constitution gives Congress the power to “regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.” President Bush has been acting as if the act has been passed and become law. Since the act has “not” passed, his actions and the actions of the involved members of his cabinet as pertain to the SPP of North America and the North American Union are unconstitutional and illegal.

Citizens should contact their senators and representatives to bring the bills to the floor. The Senate and House subcommittees on the Constitution will have jurisdiction over the constitutional aspect of the President’s unilateral trade-related wheeling and dealing.

C.D. Mills