Saturday, December 2, 2006

Press Release - Tucson Sector PIOPosted by AP December 1, 2006

CBP, Border Patrol Agents Discover Drug Tunnel

Nogales, AZ -- CBP Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Nogales Station bike patrol unit, seized more than 366 lbs. of Marijuana on November 20, 2006 emanating from a storm drain near downtown Nogales, Arizona. This seizure prompted an investigation by the Border Patrol into the possibility of a new drug tunnel in existence.

This morning with the cooperation of the Mexican Government, CBP Border Patrol Agents assigned to the International Liaison Unit were able to go into the existing drainage tunnel that both Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico share and discovered a new tunnel. With the help of the Nogales, Sonora Police Department agents were able to discover the entry point in Mexico and the area where they have tapped into the existing storm drain.

CBP Border Patrol is coordinating with the City of Nogales, to immediately seal this new tunnel, and repair the storm drain. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and well as the Drug Enforcement Administration have been notified and will be investigation the incident. This is the first tunnel that has been discovered this fiscal year.

Since the beginning of the new fiscal year (October 1, 2006), agents in the Tucson Sector have seized more than 117,000 pounds of marijuana, which represents a 30% increase over last years record total of in excess of 617,000 lbs.