Saturday, December 2, 2006

Celebrating AMERICAN ""Diversity""
By: Frank Luciano

I have come across some crazy websites but this takes the cake! Not only are there well known group organisations that are racist and create diversity like, Mecha, La Raza, and many other groups they create diversity!
These groups all have 1 same message that they love to put out. That is diversity! They always call anyone that doesn’t uphold there views as a racist. They side with all the lawbreakers that have jumped in front of the line of others, that are following the laws and are waiting their turn, in order to be in this country. It is the law that you not sneak into this country. To find the Current laws click on the link.
They love going threw loops holes and say they speak for all Hispanics. Then you have the Hispanics that don’t know whats going on. These are called vulnerable Hispanics. They have organisations telling them the USA is against them and that the USA people that stand behind controlling the border and want legal immigration are putting forward a “KKK” message and that they want to eliminate the Hispanic culture.
All this B-S and nonsense is why this is a situation of cultural diversity> Here are a few of there websites, just to prove how in just small baby steps they are changing the AMERICAN way of life & AMERICAN culture!
Its all it takes for the so called “better good”.
Say so long to what our Founder Fathers fought for and what this country used to be, and welcome the New “Third World Age Country” called “Latino America”