Sunday, December 31, 2006

CNN Lou Dobbs - video:Criminal Alien Had Previous Arrests and Deportations Before Shooting Two Police Officers The man responsible for the chaos that followed this shooting of officers Abe Yap and Roy Wade was no stranger to Long Beach Police. A Mexican national, Oscar Gabriel Gallegos had been deported from the United States three times. Since his most recent deportation in 1996, Gallegos had at least four run-ins with Long Beach Police. So what was the criminal illegal alien doing on U.S. streets? Long Beach Police could not confirm whether they checked Gallegos' immigration status during his arrest. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says local police departments do have the ability to make those inquiries. Long Beach resident and Minuteman Project board member Marvin Stewart plans to voice his concerns to the Long Beach City Council next week. "They have a responsibility to enforce the laws of the land. They swore to do it. And they owe the people, particularly of Long Beach, a formal apology," Stewart said. Border security advocates say the message of this crime is that it could have been prevented by simply enforcing existing immigration laws. Meantime, the two wounded officers remain in critical but stable condition in a Long Beach hospital.

"WTF" is the best choice of words for this.