Thursday, December 28, 2006

St. George Residents Take Stand Against Illegal Immigration
December 28th, 2006 @ 2:40pm
Andrew Adams Reporting

A new group of illegal immigration watchdogs is setting up shop in Utah's Dixie.

It's actually a new branch of the minutemen. St. George resident Vic Shade is starting it up, saying it's time to take steps in that community.

Vic Shade: "It's beginning to foment. I'm trying to get things cooled down in a good way, and get this settled down somehow."

Shade says rather than recruit for a volunteer border patrol, he wants the St. George group to focus on legal means of solving illegal immigration problems. He says he'd like to get people voted out of office who aren't supporting the legal citizens of this country.

Hispanic community leaders say they aren't scared by another anti-illegal immigration voice in Utah.
Yet another group starting to take action;Great stuff!
The pot is on high and boy is it boiling over! HooRaa to Utah!!