Friday, December 22, 2006

The Herald Mexico:Unbounded Hypocrisy - Mexico Targets Southern Border with Crackdown on Illegal Immigration President Calderón, touring Chiapas, took steps to reform the nation´s southern border strategy in hopes of reducing organized crime, drug trafficking, and illegal immigration. "Along with overcoming poverty and creating jobs, I´m convinced that the government has the obligation and the ability to achieve a secure border while guaranteeing human rights for everybody," he told a gathering in Tuxtla Chico, a town on the border with Guatemala. "I see no contradiction in that." Calderón also indicated that the federal government will start cracking down on Guatemalans and other foreigners living illegally in Chiapas. "Beginning next month, a program will be put into operation that will review the migratory status of those who are already in the zone," he said.