Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- January 26Tucker: The number of H1B visas an existing guest worker program for skilled workers is capped by Congress at 65,000. Another 20,000 foreign students ...are also eligible for the visa. That's 85,000 visas a year. But the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service approved 116,927 applications in 2005. It approved 130,497 in 2004. Ron Hira, RIT: There's been a pattern by the administration to -- to keep...this data that they don't particularly want out bottled up, and we've seen this with the Commerce Department [Gutierrez] offshoring report...Dobbs: And this Congress...has an absolute responsibility to ask, why aren't immigration laws being enforced? Why aren't the laws passed by this Congress being enforced? And the American people need to ask why does neither Congress nor the executive branch fulfill their duties, their constitutional duties? -- It is remarkable what is happening in this country. It is on the verge of tragic. Watch Transcript