Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let Down by the State of the Union Address?

Dear Friend of This Campaign,

Thanks to your early financial support, my campaign for the Republican nomination is really gearing up.

Please know that I really am very grateful!

And as a result of my campaign, the causes we deeply believe in are being heard nationally.

In the last week, I've appeared on Fox and Friends, Neil Cavuto (twice), Wolf Blitzer, Bill O'Reilly, and, just this evening, Paula Zahn, plus just about every radio talk show you can think of.

I'm traveling weekly to Iowa and New Hampshire to meet with voters in those all-important early states. In fact, we're looking for office locations in Iowa now.

Wherever I go, the message I bring is the same. I stand for Border Security, Immigration Sanity, and a return to basic Law and Order along our porous borders.

Last night, as I was listening to the the President's State of the Union Address, I felt very sad, let-down, and very, very angy. The White House seems determined to work with Pelosi and McCain to ram through an illegal alien amnesty. He seems almost glad to have a Democratic Congress!

Both the President and the Democrats like to call what they want "comprehensive immigration reform," but we aren't buying it!

Truth is, they're trotting out the same old pig . . .

. . . with a slightly different shade of lipstick.

When I was first elected to Congress, there was no organized effort to fight the open-borders crowd who ran Capitol Hill. Things looked very bleak.

So I formed the House Immigration Reform Caucus, which now boasts over 100 members. And since I formed the caucus, NOT A SINGLE ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY HAS PASSED in Congress!

Now I'm taking this fight national, with my exploratory committee for a Presidential run. And thanks to you, people are listening.

Perhaps you are one of the unbelievably generous friends who have already said, "Make my donation monthly!" If so, thank you. You've definitely done all you can already.

I also realize that the rest of you have given during past week. I dare not press you for more donations either!

But I can point out the need. And I can tell you of the urgent need for me to move fast to get this campaign momentum.

We need offices in various primary states. We need campaign workers. There are telephone and postage costs to cover. Frankly, it's a lot!

If you feel led to make another donation, it would be GREATLY appreciated and, I trust, wisely used.

Another thing—would you please FORWARD this email to everyone on your list? We really need to get the word out!

Please let me hear from you.

Tom Tancredo