Monday, January 8, 2007

110th Congress Convenes with Talk of Amnesty;Call Your Representatives to Voice Your Opposition!!!

The 110th Congress began just last week, but special interest groups are already working with members of Congress to draft a new guest worker amnesty bill. According to reports, lawmakers are now drafting legislation that is even broader than S.2611, the Senate guest worker amnesty that passed last spring. It is uncertain when this bill will be introduced, but media outlets are reporting it may be heard in committee as early as this month.
It is already well known that the Department of Homeland Security cannot even handle its current workload. Passing an amnesty for millions and millions of illegal aliens would only exacerbate the problem! Read more about the state of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in this important Washington Post article published last Thursday.
Call your Representatives and Senators in their district offices TODAY and tell them you oppose guest worker amnesty legislation!!! Tell them passing a guest worker amnesty bill will only reward those who break the law and encourage even more illegal immigration. Moreover, tell them that amnesty is fundamentally unfair to those who follow the rules, wait for years, and come to this country legally.
FAIR has updated its list of district office phone numbers. To find the phone number of your House of Representatives click here for your Senators click here. Please note that these lists are organized by state.