Wednesday, January 17, 2007

CNN Lou Dobbs - video:Local Communities Challenged Every Step of the Way as They Try to Deal with Illegal Immigration In towns and cities across the country, officials are considering or have passed ordinances to penalize landlords who rent to illegals, and slap fines on employers who hire illegal aliens. Covington, Kentucky, is one such community. The reason given is the same as in all of the communities: It's a drain on resources for cities across the country facing tough financial times. But these laws are easier passed than enforced, as the communities in Escondido, California; Cherokee County, Georgia; Valley Park, Missouri; Hazleton, Pennsylvania; and Farmers Branch, Texas, know. All of those ordinances have been challenged by groups serving as advocates for illegal aliens. And, in Escondido, they forced the town to abandon its ordinances. The courts, so far, have granted restraining orders while the arguments are considered on their merits. Kris Kobach of the Immigration Reform Law Institute said: "People shouldn't interpret that as a surrender or as a backing down. In virtually all of those cities, they're continuing to litigate and continuing to press their case."