Thursday, November 30, 2006

Metro makes numerous day laborer arrests

Nov 29, 2006 06:53 PM CST

Metro makes numerous day laborer arrests click below,

Some businesses in the east part of the valley are fed up with day laborers. A Wal*Mart and a Home Depot on Charleston and Lamb have complained that the men have been fighting in their parking lots and stealing from the shelves.

In the middle of this holiday shopping season, police say they can't let this go on any further. And so, in response, massive arrests were made Wednesday. One officer says this was the largest arrest of day laborers that he knows of, more than a dozen men. The men were taken into custody for trespassing.

There could have been more arrests. As many as fifty people show up on any given day looking for work. The Home Depot says that's not all the men do. Sometimes, according to Home Depot, they're seen fighting, drinking alcohol, and intimidating customers. That is, running up to a truck or jumping in it, thinking its occupants are offering work.

The Wal*Mart across the street says the laborers are stealing. Not inconspicuously, but simply picking up something and walking out with it.

Police have tried to do their part. First, by passing out fliers that say, in Spanish, "Leave, unless you're shopping", but that hasn't worked. So Wednesday, all those trespassing were taken in.

"Hopefully we got the message across that if you don't have lawful business at Home Depot or Wal*Mart, at these private businesses, hanging out on the property is not going to be allowed," said Metro's Sergeant Paul Gambini.

Day laborers say they're just here to make some money. Like everyone else, they have bills to pay and a family to feed.

Metro says the arrests were only response to business complaints and their officers are not going around town, rounding up day laborers for simply hanging around.


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