Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lou Dobbs-video

CNN Lou Dobbs - video:Bush Believes Chances for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Are Better With Democrats - But Voters Took a Firm Stance Against It

President Bush today said recent success, as he put it, on achieving border security will bring the new Congress aboard when he presents his comprehensive immigration reform proposals. "Show me progress on the border and then we'll be interested in talking about other aspects. Well, there is progress being made on the border in terms of security, and I would hope we can get something done. It's a vital issue. It's an issue where I believe we can find some common ground with the Democrats." In effect, the president saying it's going to be much easier to get through his comprehensive immigration reform with a Democratic Congress than it was with a Republican Congress. But in the states that must deal with illegal immigration each and every day, voters are taking a much firmer line. And a new balance of power in Congress may bring new federal action on illegal immigration despite the president's position.