Monday, November 13, 2006

Chicago Tribune

Immigrant's son to lobby in Mexico to keep her in U.S.
Published November 13, 2006

CHICAGO -- The 7-year-old son of a Chicago woman who has taken refuge in a Humboldt Park church as she fights deportation is expected to lobby on his mother's behalf in Mexico this week.
Saul Arellano traveled to Mexico on Sunday and is scheduled to meet with members of the Mexican Senate and Mexican House of Representatives on Tuesday as part of his mother's bid to stay in the United States, said Roberto Lopez, a member of Centro Sin Fronteras, an immigration rights group.
In August, Elvira Arellano defied a deportation order by taking refuge at Adalberto United Methodist Church, where she has lived with Saul, a U.S. citizen.
"He's going to be giving testimony, and they have a resolution in support of Saul and his mother to ask Congress and the U.S. to let them stay here together," Lopez said, noting that Mexican officials invited Saul abroad.
Arellano has said she does not want her son to grow up in Mexico, and her deportation would force him to leave the United States.
Response: I did not know, knowingly that on top of all the facts of Elvira Arellano braking the law, using other peoples Social Security Numbers, being deported once already, and her list of wrong doings stretch that she would not be put in jail. On top of that using her son like a scape goat to go travel to Mexico to see if some other government from some other country can intervene in the situation. I didn't know other countries had say in what our laws should or should not be. What a joke and mockery this situation has become. If Elvira Arellano didn't want to bear a son in Mexico because Mexico is so bad she should of not had one in the bringing period! Another fact is many people want to live here not only her. What makes her any different from some starving people in other countries that want to come over? Nothing! I have a solution deport both of them and set an example by closing this loop hole once in for all; if your not legal your son is not legal.