Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- April 20Sheinkoff: Absurd for the nation's chief law enforcement officer to be acting and speaking in the language of someone who is appearing before a panel investigating him, kind of ridiculous. He was like a little boy on a scavenger hunt, trying to pick up pieces of the clues as he went along with no clear way to find himself out of the problem.Dobbs: Senator Jeff Sessions, a Republican stalwart, if there is one, he looked like he couldn't stand the smell in the room.Goodwin: I think the Republicans are really suffering from Alberto Gonzales and they know it.Rollins: Absolutely. This issue here is here's a man who obviously may be a decent man, maybe a friend of the president. But he's incompetent. Watch Segments -1- / -2- / -3-Transcript* Apologies to Ronald ReaganPapers call for Gonzo's resignation