Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hold Their Feet to the Fire Begins Sunday and We Need Your Help From Home!Please Call Your Members and Urge Them to Participate!

Sunday April 22nd through Wednesday April 25, FAIR will be holding its national drive for immigration reform called "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" here in Washington D.C. The event is intended to convene talk radio, lawmakers, and activists to discuss the importance of true immigration reform and to oppose guest worker amnesty legislation.

This year's event promises to be SPECTACULAR with at least 35 radio show hosts broadcasting LIVE from Capitol Hill this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This event may be the largest gathering of talk radio ever in Washington D.C. and will include hosts from many of the top-rated shows in the country! Many Members have signed up to be guests on these radio shows next week, but we need more. It seems some Members are not willing to talk about immigration reform unless it is in back-room strategy sessions. In contrast, we would like you to CALL YOUR MEMBERS (Representatives and Senators) and URGE them to sign up as radio guests to talk publicly about their position on guest worker amnesty legislation.

Time is running out! Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has said he is reserving the last two weeks of May to debate guest worker amnesty legislation on the Senate floor. House leaders have said they plan to have guest worker amnesty legislation on the House floor sometime in July. Please CALL YOUR MEMBERS and tell them you would like them to go on the radio and tell the American people where they stand. If they tell you they have already signed up, please thank them and let them know you will be listening.

To find the phone numbers of your Members, click here. If the staff person you talk to asks you for details, please refer them to our website, All of the event information is accessible via the homepage.

In addition, FAIR would like to sincerely thank our members and activists who have signed up to join us here in Washington D.C. for the grassroots lobbying effort that will take place as the radio shows are broadcasting. For those of you who cannot come to D.C., you can still join us and make a tremendous difference by tuning in next week to the dozens of radio shows that will be participating in Hold Their Feet to the Fire. To see a list of the shows and stations, click here.