Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- August 28Wian:.... Now Texas Congressman John Culberson says Carrillo has agreed to adopt the Operation Streamline zero-tolerance policy already in place in Del Rio, Texas. There, all illegal aliens caught crossing the border face prosecution and six months in jail.Culberson: I now can report for the first time here on Lou Dobbs' show that I have also secured the same commitment from Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar, has promised me that he is going to work not only to support Chief Carrillo in implementing zero tolerance in Laredo, but Chief Aguilar has now committed that he is going to implement zero tolerance from Brownsville to San Diego. Wian: The Border Patrol confirms the agreement, with the caveat that Congress must provide more resources, for example, prosecutors, marshals, and jail staff. Watch Culberson / Raid Transcript