Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Senate Bill 1348 Masquerades as "Real Immigration Reform" But Surrenders Public Interest For Politics!
S. 1348 Provisions
Immediate legal status and citizen benefits for 12+ million illegal aliens (Z-visas);
Admission of 400,000 additional "guest workers" plus dependents every year;
Grants amnesty to those who have broken the law, dramatically increases worker visas, and otherwise imposes impossible administration burdens on a currently dysfunctional system;
What S. 1348 Doesn't Have
Tougher penalties and enforcement requirements employer hiring illegal workers;
Clear and affordable enhanced border security measures;
What the proposed measures will cost and how they will be implemented and monitored over time;
Read FAIR's full analysis of the Z visa - a new visa in S. 1348 just for illegal aliens (PDF).
"In agreeing to this bill, the United States Senate has broken every promise that has been made to the American people," declared Dan Stein, president of FAIR.
S1348, a bill hastily developed behind closed doors, bypassed all normal processes for bill review and passage . . . in favor of pushing it through fast. The 2007 version of "immigration reform" contains the identical set of broken promises to secure the borders and enact penalties for employers who hire illegal aliens that we've heard countless times over the past 20 years.
I will support FAIR's efforts to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to oppose S. 1348 and all amnesty legislation and to support strong enforcement legislation to protect America by:
Making a special and urgently needed contribution now to support FAIR's efforts to stop passage of S1348 and all amnesty legislation and
Contacting my senators to let them know I oppose this legislation.

Watch Dan's Latest Media Appearance on CNBC, May 18th
"The bill reneges on promises that amnesty would never again be offered to people who are in this country illegally; it violates commitments that Congress has made to protect the interests of American workers; and it compromises the security of this nation by granting legal status to people who may pose a threat to the nation.
Adding to the betrayal, this surrender of the public interest was negotiated by senators who had personally pledged, as recently as last year, never to agree to any bill that includes amnesty." -- FAIR President Dan Stein.
"S.1348 Security and Enforcement Provisions are Less Than Meaningless" -- Dan Stein.
The bill if passed will likely run in the tens of BILLIONS to implement over the next several years, but Congress has provided no cost estimate and no impact studies. In fact the ill-conceived terms of this amnesty will impact every town, city and state in this country and will be taxpayer funded.
"The security and enforcement provisions are less than meaningless. They will either not be funded, endlessly delayed, or ignored all together," FAIR president Dan Stein declared last week. "While tens of millions of illegal aliens will reap rewards and enjoy access to the courts to appeal any denial of benefits, the American public gets shafted with no avenue for appeal."
FAIR is calling upon the Senate to delay voting on S. 1348 until the bill receives a full public hearing, and until a thorough study of its impact is completed. "This is a bill that will quite literally affect the future of this nation. Its ramifications deserve more than a weekend's review on the part of the people who will vote on it," said Stein. "We call for the defeat of this bill."
I'm showing my support of FAIR to represent my opposition to any and all amnesty proposals with my contribution!
Thank you!
P.S. you can also mail your tax-deductible contribution to FAIR at 1666 Connecticut Ave. NW #400 Washington DC 20009