Thursday, February 8, 2007

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN - February 7Dobbs:... the Department of Homeland Security now admits it lied in the case of two U.S. Border Patrol agents sent to prison for doing their jobs. One of those agents severely beaten in prison. Leading members of Congress are furious. Rohrabacher : Mr. President, if these men, especially after this assault, are murdered in prison, if one of them lose their lives, there's going to be some kind of impeachment talk in Capitol Hill. [...]Wian: ...Johnny Sutton has said they couldn't go after the drug smuggler because they didn't have enough evidence to prosecute him for smuggling...a Border Patrol agent knew 16 days in advance of his decision to grant immunity...that in fact the smuggler admitted that he was on a drug-smuggling mission when he was shot. Watch Impeach / DHS Transcript